• Mental Thoughts on Getting Going Again

    I am not going to lie! Since I have returned home this summer from traveling I feel a bit lost. It is mind boggling coming home and trying to start life again. What happens is your immediate desire and need to refocus and organize. You start by determine how much you spent! Ouch! Then you… [Continue Reading]

    Mental Thoughts on Getting Going Again
  • David Gelernter & My 5 Things to Know Today

    1. I am disturbed by the most recent comments that I read from a Yale Professor about incoming students. Wow is this the level of spirituality we have reached in the United States now? It is enough to make me want to move to Latin America where religion is still recognized. Why have we let… [Continue Reading]

    David Gelernter & My 5 Things to Know Today
  • Confessions of a Traveller

    I have a self imposed travel moratorium going on this fall because of football season. I hate to travel while my kids are playing sports. It is my oldest son’s last year and I simply hate to be gone and my younger son is starting Freshman football. I have travelled somewhere between 3-4 months this… [Continue Reading]

    Confessions of a Traveller
  • Organizing with Evernote

    I am sharing a few of my organization tips that work great for me to help kick off a great school year and fall….even though on the East Coast, we are still burning up with summer for a few weeks. I am passionate {almost OCD} about a few little things that I use that have… [Continue Reading]

    Organizing with Evernote
  • More of Kauai

    The weather has been great and we are and just enjoying our time in Kauai.  It is hard not to love the most beautiful island in the chain! We have stayed at this Marriott Kauai Resort  a few times and we never get tired of it because the pools are big and beautiful and it is just… [Continue Reading]

    More of Kauai
  • A Quick Trip to Tokyo, Japan

    My guy made a trip to Japan last week for work…man alive, I was jealous. He lived there for two years as a missionary for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I lived in Osaka for 18 months….we met after. He works for a Japanese company headquartered in Salt Lake City… [Continue Reading]

    A Quick Trip to Tokyo, Japan
  • Aloha From Hawaii

    Long story short….we made a trip to Hawaii…… Maui and Kauai specifically, and it was all kind of at the last minute. 8 weeks ago, I had a one month Europe trip planned for Lizzy and I as the boys were supposed to be tied up at various camps and work engagements and at the… [Continue Reading]

    Aloha From Hawaii
  • “28 to Great” Clean Eating Program

    I am launching my own 28 to Great Clean Eating Program. I am not going to lie….cleaning eating is about the hardest thing I can do!  Ask me to do…oh about anything on your list, or go to the end of the earth or you name it and I can do it….but to eat well… [Continue Reading]

    “28 to Great” Clean Eating Program
  • Today We Lost a Friend

    I am so sad and distraught by the devastation of the news today!! Mark Openshaw was one of my colleagues/students when I taught at BYU as a grad student/adjunct professor and subsequently he and his wife, Amy became our good friends and my clients at our travel agency! He has been flying for years and… [Continue Reading]

    Today We Lost a Friend
  • Get Moving or Die

    It has been a terrible year for blogging and it is so funny because I blogged for about 5 years straight without barely missing a day and then one day I was out of the habit. I was flying home yesterday and I realized that journal writing is really a stress reliever and I needed… [Continue Reading]

    Get Moving or Die
  • How My Life Is Rolling- Kids and more Kids

    Just a couple of quick highlights about raising our kids….it is all about them right now! 1. Hillary is really enjoying her mission this far. The MTC was a huge challenge for her and the language kicked her butt. Now she is serving in Boise! This is such a blessing in disguise as she was… [Continue Reading]

    How My Life Is Rolling- Kids and more Kids
  • Highlights of the Weekend

    Labor day came and went and it wasn’t labor less. Brian’s boss was in town and Brian was busy entertaining him from Thursday until late Saturday. Since he brought his 11 year old, that involved putting one of our kids into the mix. We spent Thursday night out at the Wentworth By the Sea. Never… [Continue Reading]

    Highlights of the Weekend
  • 4 Talks 4 Powerful Ideas

    This morning I was reading my scriptures, pondering and thinking about some things from the Ensign magazine. This month’s Ensign (September) has some of the most important thoughts I think I have ever read. Here are a few of them and one nugget from Robert Gay, who I deeply admire. This story- Years ago some… [Continue Reading]

    4 Talks 4 Powerful Ideas
  • First World Problems

    I am looking forward to a fresh start today as the last week as been dominated by breakdowns and meltdowns at the house trying to put things together. Sunday, was one of them! I am feeding the missionaries a huge roast beef dinner and the next thing I know the dishwasher goes out…first world problems.… [Continue Reading]

    First World Problems
  • 5 Things to Know Today

    1. Brian and I freaked out and decided to get new carpet for our upstairs two days ago and it is being installed today. Um….we have needed carpet for about 8 years, but I didn’t realize what a monumental job that would be clearing out the top floor where we all live to have it… [Continue Reading]

    5 Things to Know Today